60th Anniversary: Nigerians score Buhari government high on implementation of 9-Point Agenda

“Currently, a lot of visible and verifiable great work has been done by the Buhari-led government to correct the corruption – induced mal-administered power projects in the country and very many other projects. 

“In a fair and reasonable consideration of the national standard in governance of this country, it is not in doubt that in every sector, the current Federal Government has outclassed the performances of any previous governments.

 Also speaking on the nine priority areas identified by the government, Mr Azeez Adeyemi, the National Public Relations Officer, National Association of Nigerian Students, said that sincerity of purpose should come first on the list.

 Adeyemi listed security, agriculture and corruption as the critical areas the government should channel its resources.

 He said that the insecurity situation in some parts of the country needed urgent attention of the government, saying that lives and property were at risk in such areas.

He said that the Nigerian security system needed complete overhaul, saying that government should intensify efforts in shaping the security system to curtail the excesses of kidnapping, banditry, and other inhumane vices.

He also called on the present administration to take agriculture serious with the provisions of basic agricultural inputs and encourage youths to participation in the sector.

Adeyemi said that corruption had continued to be a major obstacle hindering the growth and development of the nation.

“The government should focus more on the processes that lead to corruption rather than waiting for a leader to be pronounced corrupt after terms of office.

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