Aisha Buhari: Men support your spouses for 2023 election

wife of the president of Nigeria

Nigerian First Lady Aisha Buhari has appealed to Nigeria men and political leaders to show support for their Spouses to win a greater elective positions for 2023.

Aisha made this plea at a National Conference on Women’s Political Participation in Nigeria, held yesterday in Abuja.

The First Lady who was represented by the Former Deputy Governor of Plateau State, Mrs Pauline Tallen said, “We are no longer at war with the males, we only desire the process of development, God created the females to be a help meet and there is no household that can function efficiently without the woman.

“Women are better managers, they are suitable managers in each and every perspective, administrative, home base, name it. So, the prayer is, if females are carried along, if we have more female participation, it will be great for Nigeria.

In her goodwill message, former Minister of Women Affairs, Josephine Anineh queried females involved in politics for leaving behind their former high positions.

According to her, “Well, the ladies deserted their high positions” the techniques they used to win the oppositions initially. What they had to do was to build on those strategies, enlarge them, and then could have continued progressing.

But then I assume in the midst of their initial success, they forgot the main fact on ground, they forgot the society in which we are running is male dominated and of cause, they always get their way.

“Another issue that we do incorrectly is that we usually leave the campaign to the last minute for the men, 2023 campaign commenced even earlier than the campaign for the concluding election, as they were campaigning for 2019, they have already campaigned for 2023 and beyond. But what females do, they wait till two months to the election day then they begin to campaign, before then, everyone has taken their position, and so it’s tough to break through, so I’m glad that we have realized that and we are doing the proper thing, so we’ve began to strategize, we have started to position ourselves and begin claiming the areas we prefer to occupy.

In her remarks, the UN Women Representative to Nigeria and ECOWAS Comfort Lamptey, they will also proceed to assist Nigeria to enlarge the political house for women. This is crucial to ensure attainment of the SDGs and build an inclusive and lasting democracy.


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