Bauchi Residents Decrees low turnout next Saturday’s Elections

Residents of Bauchi who went out early to elect their presidential and the national assembly candidates decreed low turnout next Saturday’s elections.

‎It could be recalled that the Independent National Electoral Commission met on Friday, 15 February 2019 and reviewed its preparation for the 2019 general elections scheduled for Saturday, February 16, and Saturday, March 2. has reschedule the Presidential/National Assembly elections to Saturday, 23rd February 2019. Furthermore, the Governorship/State House of Assembly/Federal Capital Territory Area Council elections are rescheduled to Saturday, 9th March 2019.

‎Our Correspondent who monitored some of the poling units reports that some voters turn out to cast their votes as early as 7: 30 am not knowing that the election was reschedule next week Saturday 23th February.

A visit to Miri GRA, Yelwa and Kofar Sidi it was observed that voters standing in small groups digesting why the election was reschedule to next week.

Our correspondent also reports that at most of the polling centres visited there was no INEC officials only hadhoc staff who cannot explain the reasons for the postponement to wandering voters who are patiently waiting to cast their votes.

Some of the voters got disappointed and demoralise with the postponement of the election.

At Miri Poling center Mallam Isa Ahmed a carpenter said, I am not aware the election was reschedule, that is why you see me this morning but is wasn’t fair, I abandoned all my engagement and job to cast my votes.

“People are willing and ready to come and votes, the official didn’t considered many things before the postponement to next week. I don’t know if I will make it next week,” he said.

Hajiya Ladi Saba at GRA poling centre said that ‘I don’t think I will vote again because my moral is low, we are prepared to go to poll and now you said next week.

“Why is INEC treating millions of Nigerians like that, you mean all this while the Agency is not ready for the election,” she queried.

Alhaji Aliyu Itas at Mallam Sidi Poling unit said that “I was not really aware of the postponement of the election but all the same is alright with me.

“That will give the candidates and the voters more opportunities to prepared and re arranged.

“Beside is not the first time to reschedule elections in this country, the postponement is only for one week it doesn’t make difference.

“But we should be wary of low turnout of voters anything reschedule attract more or less attention,” Mr Itas said.

Mr Kefas Maina at Yelwa poling centre, said me and my family travel home to Bauchi for the election and the election was postponed.

“I don’t think I will come back next week because I don’t have such resources again to bring us back to Bauchi “I will end up not exercising my franchise honestly I can’t afford it

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