Boko haram : NSCDC captures suspect who provides logistics supply for IDEs

A 24 year old Boko haram suspect who provides logistics for the supply of Improvised Explosive Device was captured by opreratives of Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps in Borno, the Commandant NSCDC, Aliyu Muhammed, affirmed the arrest on Wednesday to News Agency of Nigeria.

Relying on intelligence report. the suspect was caught en route to supply bomb materials for Boko Haram on April 25

He said on examination of the suspect, uncovered that the suspect provided cell phones, batters, wristwatches, smart phones for setting off IEDs intended to perpetrate huge casualties.

The suspect goes on a cover as a tricycle operator in the towm and he has executed numerous missions for Boko haram.

“He likewise owna a few bank accounts where he gets assets for Boko Haram over the last half year.

Ordinarily, gets huge cash from the Republic of Chad, through a third party accounts to conseal his identity.

NSCDC command in Maidugury has so far uncovered so many financial transactions traced to him, particularly at commercial money transfer centers inside Maiduguri.

The NSCDC commandant said Mohammed and his partners have underataking various attacks in religious centres and public places.

Abdullahi emphasized the dedication of NSCDC in complimenting the military, police and other arm carrying agencie in counter insurgents in Northeast.

He also affirmed that the comand has scceeded in the arrts of 25 Boko haram suspects in the last 2 years in Maiduguri.

Futhermore, He said that 40 repentant insurgents have been rehabilitated and re-integrated through Safe window of opportunity given by the government.

He concluded that the suspects would be given over to the 7 Division Garison of the military for further cross examination and profiling.

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