Border closure: Why Sanusi thinks FG got it right

The Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II is of the opinion that the federal government was right at closing Nigerian borders to illicit movement of goods.

Sanusi said this while addressing journalists at his Palace on Wednesday.

He was happy with the border closure because it provides protection for local rice farmers due to growing smuggling of rice and other commodities to the detriment of local producers and rice farmers in Nigeria.

He said, “therefore, any country that allows smuggling of rice into Nigeria through its borders is doing that at the expense of our farmers who could not withstand competition with foreign producers. Besides rice and other food items, you must also understand that all the illicit drugs get into this country through the land borders,”

He said further , that, “closing the borders becomes indispensable because our neighbouring countries are not helping us to protect our economy. For instance, if you want to protect rice farmers, you have to impose heavy taxation on the importation of foreign rice in the country,”

The emir also said ” sometimes, it is important to take these difficult decisions, so that the country can get the cooperation and collaboration of customs officials across the borders. “It is something that I wholeheartedly support. I think it is temporary and I think it will lead to improvement”.

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