Britain considers coronavirus lockdown in London

The British Government on Thursday said it was considering imposing a lockdown in London as early as Friday to halt the spread of coronavirus, reports said.

The London lockdown would be followed by the rest of the country. The move would come after a rapid surge in confirmed Covid-19 infections.

The expected 14-day lockdown would be imposed with just 12 hours’ notice.

Police would guard supermarkets and only allow one person per household to leave home at a time.

However, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, told the BBC there were no plans to do so at the moment, when asked about the possibility of a lockdown in London.

Williamson said the government’s announcement of school closures from Monday, March 23, showed that it would take the incredibly tough decisions that sometimes needed to ensure the safety of the population.

Meanwhile, up to 40 London underground stations were closed on Thursday, mainly due to staff shortages linked to the coronavirus outbreak.

Health Authorities confirmed another 676 coronavirus infections on Wednesday, taking Britain’s total to 2,626, including 104 deaths.

Government health experts admitted on Tuesday that tens of thousands of British people are probably infected with the virus.

More museums, cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues suspended operations on Wednesday, but government did not order closures, instead advising the public to avoid visiting them to minimize social contact.(dpa/NAN)


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