British Court confiscate £211m Abacha’s Loot

£211m plundered by the previous Nigerian tyrant and military head of state, General Sani Abacha has been coniscated by English court.

As indicated by a report by the UK Metro, the said cash was seized from a Jersey Bank account of General Abacha.

The cash was initialy deposied by Doraville Properties Corporation, a British Virgin Islands organization.

The cash was then laundered via the U.S. into the Channel Islands but however, in the end it was found and recouped.

Currently, the cash is being held by British government until the authority in Jersy, the U.S. and Nigeria agree how the money should be apropriated.

“Any cash that Jersey keeps will be put into the Criminal Confiscation Fund, which is utilized to pay for an assortment of ventures. In the past the reserve has been utilized for the new police headquarters and advancements at La Moye Prison.

With this recovery, it is likely that much more cash held by Doraville is probably going to be seized and paid into the Civil Asset Recovery Fund later on.”

The motivation behind the restraining order was to safeguard the cash until the Royal Court makes a [pronouncement on how the fund would be distributed.

Doraville applied for the restraining order but Royal Court rejected the application in 2016.

At that point in 2017, Doraville took the case to Jersey’s Court of Appeal. That challenge was again dismissed.

At long last, after the choice of Jersey’s Court of Appeal, Doraville appeal against the limitation request before the Privy Council – And again the request was rejected finally.

A week ago, Solicitor General Mark Temple gave an introduction in Vienna, Austria, about Doraville money laundry case at an UN meeting to deal with international financial crime.

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