Buhari wins steadfastness award – News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)

President Buhari in a handshake with the Publisher of Leadership Newspaper, Mr. Sam Nda-Isaia during the honours award to the President

The Progressive Governors Forum has honoured President Muhammadu Buhari for his steadfastness to All Progressives Congress (APC) and gestures to states to pay salaries.

Eight APC state governors were also honoured for their faithfulness to the party since the merger in 2014.

President Buhari was particularly singled out for the award for the bailout to states to clear backlog of salaries.

At the event which held at the Villa on Friday, the President called for the need for true federalism in Nigerai.

President Buhari who described the award as a surprise, said it’s an encouragement to continue to do more in moving Nigeria’s democracy to the next level.

The award, according to President Buhari is “a reflection of the collective commitment of the states and federal government to work harmoniously to find solutions to the developmental challenges facing the country’’.

He insisted on the need to build bridges across the divide for the sake of a united, indivisible country and promised to continue to implement policies that would improve the welfare of the Nigerians.

“We remain committed to improving the welfare of the Nigerian people. Your Excellencies, it will be belabouring the point to say that true federalism is necessary at this juncture of our political and democratic evolution.

“At a time when some few privileged individuals and groups have chosen to exploit and manipulate the ethnic and religious fault for seeking personal and partisan advantage, we need to build bridges across the different divides and instill faith in the unity and indivisibility of one Nigeria.”

He acknowledged the APC governors’ contributions to the political, economic, social and cultural development of Nigeria, adding that economic growth and competitiveness of nations depended on the harmonious collaboration of all the tiers of government, particularly in a federal set-up like ours.


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