Cameroon lose to Argentina, despite early lead

Cameroon team

Cameroon failed to seized advantage of early goal as their lose to Argentina 3-1  in Vitoria at Brazil 2019 on Thursday.

The Cameroonians made early gains with a towering early header from Francois Bere in the first half. But within 58 and 63 minutes into the second half, the Argentines quickly close the margin and took the lead leaving the African side little room to come back as they added their 3rd goal towards the closing minute of the match.

Cameroon are currently below the table of Group E and they have little to no chance of qualifying into the next round.

Argentina are second on the table and shares same point with Spain which leads the group with 4 points. Tajisktan comes third in the group with 3 points.

Cameroon will face Spain in their next encounter.

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