Germany sends China thousands of protective suits ahead of evacuation

China lung air disease

A German Air Force aeroplane, on Friday, set to bring back German citizens from Hubei.

It will also deliver aid for authorities battling to contain the coronavirus outbreak in the Chinese province, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said.

Maas added that the aid include: 10,000 protective suits.

The Luftwaffe aircraft was expected to bring more than 100 people back to Germany, latest by Saturday.

Among the German citizens being repatriated, no one has been confirmed or is suspected to have caught the deadly new strain of coronavirus.

Maas said that the repatriated Germans were to spend around two weeks in quarantine at a military site upon their return.

The virus has killed over 200 people in China, where the number of confirmed cases of infection is approaching 10,000.

On Thursday, WHO declared an international health emergency, though there were no fatalities among the 98 cases in 18 countries abroad so far.

Health authorities in Germany’s southern state of Bavaria confirmed a fifth case of the virus in the country on Thursday.

Maas said all spaces on the Luftwaffe evacuation flight were occupied and that Germany would be returning only its own nationals. (dpa/NAN)


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