Group wants FG to review TSA charges, compel total compliance


Members of the United Global Resolve for Peace (UGRFP) on The Treasury Single Account (TSA) during a visit to Systemspecs
Members of the United Global Resolve for Peace (UGRFP) on The Treasury Single Account (TSA) during a visit to Systemspecs

United Global Resolve for Peace (UGRFP) on The Treasury Single Account (TSA) has called on the Federal Government to review the charges on the Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Friday by Shalom Olaseni, Executive Director, the group expressed displeasure at the one per cent charge which Nigerians were being made to bear.

UGREP urged the government to take off the burden from citizens but rather renegotiate the charges with the technical company, Systemspecs or find another competent company with fair charges.

Olaseni noted that the TSA policy saves the government N40 billion every month in funds which were hitherto unaccounted for.

He however expressed displeasure that some agencies of government were yet to comply with the policy and therefore urged the government to ensure that it enforced compliance.

“Despite the instruction by President Buhari that all MDAs should remit all the money logged in commercial banks to the TSA through Remita, some agencies like the Nigeria Immigration Service has refused to use this technology that promotes transparency and accountability.

“Ordinarily, one would expect the government that benefits so much from this scheme would encourage other agencies to comply to this unified Treasury Single Account payment gateway.

“Instead, the government has abdicated the responsibility of paying for the cost of running of this scheme and in the process levied the citizens with the burden of payment,” it said.

He added that Nigerians are sometimes made to pay over 150 per cent in charges while making payment through the Treasury Single Account (TSA).

He urged the government to save the Nigerians from the burden and also ensure that all agencies were called to order to comply with the policy.

The group therefore demanded that “the Federal Government and the CBN must urgently review the exorbitant charges aforementioned and also reverse this new policy where Nigerians have to pay for the running of TSA.

“We demand that all erring agencies who have benefited from the skewered payment process be investigated and prosecuted immediately.

“That an awareness campaign be undertaken by the Federal Government amongst all its agencies,  departments and ministries to properly emphasize the operation of the TSA.

“That a periodic compliance sheet be prepared to monitor the success of the TSA scheme.

“The Treasury  Single Account scheme is a revolutionary fiscal policy that must not die a slow death owing to the refusal of government  agencies to duly adhere to its process.

“Much more, passing on the incidence or burden of payment on innocent citizens is unsavory and must be discontinued henceforth,”.


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