Huawei to launch flagship phones without Google apps

Huawei Mate 30
Credit: MobileGuide

The world’s No. 2 smartphone maker, Huawei fears that the launch of its latest flagship phone in September 2019 will go without the services and apps Google license brings due to US trade ban, Reuters reported.

A source told Reuter that the smartphone maker is set to unveil its new Mate 30 line of phones on Sept. 18 in Munich. 

The company executives told Reuter that the company plans to launch its high-end smartphones even if it does not come with Google’s official Android operating system and its popular apps.

With this, users would lack access to key Google services such as the Play Store, as well as popular apps including Search and Maps, which normally come pre-installed on Android phones.

A telecom publication, Mobileworldlive, reported that Huawei has debuted a home-grown operating system called HarmonyOS, and has reportedly tested the platform’s compatibility with Android apps.

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