Industrial Action: Labour, Trade Union Disowns Rumoured mass action

In a reaction to the alleged industrial action, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and their counter part, Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, have disowned the rumoured plan mass action that has been going around for sometime now referring to the report as fallacy and no reason warrant such action. This was contained in the separate press statements on Saturday in Abuja

President of the NLC, Comrade Ayuba Wabba, and his TUC counterpart, Quadri Olaleye, said in that before any action is embarked upon, any issue in contention must first be discussed by the various organs of the Congress.

Wabba said while congress respect the right of individuals to freely protest against any policy they disagree with, appropriate organs of the Congress were yet to discuss any issue of mass action.

The NLC statement reads: “We would wish to inform our members/affiliate unions, civil society allies and the general public that the Nigeria Labour Congress is neither organising nor getting associated with any mass action or street protest over any issue  in any part or every  part of the country in the days ahead.

“Before we embark on any mass action or street protest, the issue(s) in contestation must first be thoroughly debated by the appropriate organs of the Congress.

“Similarly, the decision to do a mass action or any form of protest is usually taken by those organs.

“Accordingly, we wish to state unambiguously that neither has such an issue arisen nor a debate for a mass action taken place, let alone a decision to proceed on a mass action.

“We are therefore not involved in any street protest. Nonetheless, Congress respects the right of the citizenry to freely associate and hold an opinion, and to peacefully protest against any policy or policies with which they disagree.”

On its part, the TUC said it was not in any league with any group for a mass action in any part of the country, adding that it was not aware of any issue with any government agency that has not been subjected to social dialogue that would warrant a mass action.

The TUC said: “The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) wishes to inform the general public that it has no planned mass action or street protest in the country for now. It also states unequivocally that it is in not in league with any group whatsoever for any mass action in any part of the country.

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