Mourinho beat West Ham to end Spur’s poor away performance


Mourinho ‘s first winning for Tottenham since his appointment on Wednesday has ended the poor performance suffered by the team in their past several away matches.

Spurs beat West ham 3-2 to move up 6th place above their North London rivals, Arsenal who are yet to play.

Son Heung-min opened the lead for Tottenham after recieving a through ball from Dele Alli. The South Korean with his left foot blast the ball pass the West ham keeper’s hand.

Later on, Son Heung-min initiated the build up to the second goal which started with a black heel. Connecting with a brilliant flick from Alli, the South Korean pulled across a curve ball to find Lucas Moura, to make the score sheet 2-0.

Minutes into the second half, Harry Kane made it 3-0 with a header from Serge Aurier’s accurate cross.

However with the match seeming like it is all over West Ham took charge of the game with goal from Antonio to make it 3-1.

Pellegrini’s team tried hard to close the margin with a goal from Rice but were denied by a VAR as it was ruled out as offside.

West Ham took total control of possession as Mourinho tried to find balance in the middle by bringing in Sissoko and Ericksen.

After a blunder from Wink which almost resulted to an own goal, West Ham found their second goal from the corner kick.

With little time left, the visitor could not level the score as Spurs defended their winning to find themselves once again at a spot they having been fighting for.

Mourinho speaking to BT Sport after the game: “I was really happy before we conceded the two goals, we were playing well, bringing to the game things we had tried in training. And we had the ball to make it 4-0 and kill the game.

“We are lucky I have so many years in the Premier League so I told the players at half-time ‘even if we are 3-0 in the 85th minute the game will still be open’.

“But there were also many factors. The emotions of losing the previous manager, people coming back from national teams and fatigue in the last 20 minutes.

“The most important thing was to win, not matter how. The boys are happy and that’s what I really wanted.”

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