Begging on the street is crime and not Almajiri system- Gov Sule


The Governor of Nasarawa State Abdullahi Sule has vowed to protect the right of a child by ensuring that begging on the street becomes a crime.

Reportedly, he said: “about 10m children operating the Almajiri system in the north are simply beggars, spending more time on the streets rather than learning the Quran.”

The governor was quoted as saying that parents should take responsibility as it is a crime to send children on the street to beg as reported by The Nations.

‘’You can’t bring children to this world and dump them somewhere and expect somebody else to take care of them, so parents must not shy away from responsibility.”

He warned that parents engaging their children to beg in the name of Almajiri Islamic religious education should desist or face sanctions.

“Government must establish that it is a crime to abuse a child, it is a crime to bring children to this world and send them to Almajiri system where you cannot take care of them.”

ENgr. AA Sule

The state governor promised also that he would battle insecurity in the state through the following ways: “by providing jobs through agriculture, vocational and technical skills, and a bill to ensure parent’s of the Almajiri are able to care for them.”

He vowed that Nasarawa under his leadership will make sure that begging on the street is a crime, adding that the rights of children must be protected.

The governor said that begging is not part of the concept of Almajiri system of Islamic education but that of the parents.

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