Obasanjo’s third term responsible for my impeachment – Ladoja

Former Oyo state governor, Rashidi Ladoja Credit: Leadership

A former governor of Oyo State, Rashidi Ladoja has narrated how ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo engineered his impeachment as Oyo State governor because of his opposition to the third term bid.

Ladoja disclosed this on Tuesday in Ibadan while speaking with journalists, stating that Obasanjo threatened to reduce him to “nobody” for daring to oppose his third term bid.

In recalling the events that shaped his life, he said “There was one that actually made the impeachment possible.  It was Obasanjo’s third term.

“I also made a mistake. When I heard about the third term, I asked Baba (Obasanjo) if it was true.  He said it was not true and I said thank God.

“I said,  ‘Baba, if not I would have said maybe you don’t know God. I said God made it possible for you to be President for eight years and I said this was a presidency you were not qualified for.’”

75-year old, who is the Osi Olubadan of Ibadanland said he told Obasanjo that “In a civilian government, the Presidency is meant for politicians and you are not a politician. They came to call you.”

“When I got home in the evening, the Ogun State governor, Gbenga Daniel, called me and said ‘ governor general , you came to Ota’, I said yes that I came to discuss with Baba (Obasanjo). He asked what I discussed with Obasanjo. I said I discussed the third term. He (Daniel) said, ‘ oh God, you have pinched Baba on his sore. Baba said he would turn you to nobody.’

Ladoja also disclosed that Daniel advised him to come early for a council of state meeting in Abuja in order to apologise to Obasanjo.

“Baba didn’t allow me to talk.  He said I had  told you Rashidi, I would turn you to nobody. He was going and Fasawe was running after him, trying to tell him he shouldn’t have said that and I answered him, ‘if God permits you sir .”

“We didn’t take Fayose (then Ekiti State governor) along because he was Baba’s son.  Agagu, Oyinlola,  Daniel and I went to him. They (others)  knelt down so I had to kneel down too. Oyinlola is a very good orator.  He presented a very brilliant case.  Agagu supported him.  Daniel and I didn’t talk.  He (Obasanjo) said ‘well, Rashidi, go and resign,’ I said ‘no.’ he said why and I asked, ‘why should I resign?’

The ex-governor added that he told Obasanjo that nobody could get two-thirds in the House of Assembly to impeach when Obasanjo threatened to remove him as governor if he did not resign.

“Obasanjo said,  ‘two-thirds my foot and got up.’ We were talking, when Bola Ajibola (a former attorney-general of the federation) came in and said ‘what is wrong with you people, you are leaders in your own right.

“He (Ajibola) said, ‘I have gone to see Segun (Obasanjo) to plead that he should leave you in peace because you have not done anything wrong. That in fact, everybody is praising your government.’

According to Ladoja, Obasanjo rejected the appeal of late Pa Emmanuel Alayande not to remove him.

‘Baba (Obasanjo)  came to Ibadan to see Baba Alayande on his birthday, I went with him, Baba Alayande also pleaded with him but before 7 0’clock on the 12th (January, 2006),  I was called that the people were coming with police escort to come and do the impeachment. When we got the impeachment notice, we went to court.  We told the chief judge then that the people did not  have the mandatory two-thirds.”

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