Owen reveals son is blind and will never be a footballer

Michael Owen and son, James

Former Manchester United striker, Michael Owen has revealed that his son, James will never be a footballer as a result of a degenerative eye condition.

Owen spoke about it for the first with Times to avoid headlines.

13-year old, James is suffering from Stargadt which causes a loss of vision during childhood or adolescence and although there is no cure for it yet, it is rare for people with the disease to lose complete sight.

He said: “He will never be a footballer. My son’s got an eye condition.

“I’ve never said this. I don’t want a big headline.

“Clinically, he’s blind. He’s got Stargardt disease, a degeneration of his retina. I used to go and watch him and bollock him about his positioning.

“He can’t see the ball until it’s five yards away. As much as every father wants their son to play, it is almost a relief to me.

“Everyone always asks, ‘Is he going to be a footballer?’ and then I stand on the side of the pitch and hear, ‘He’s not as good as his dad.'”

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