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By Shehu Audu

The progressive agenda of the ruling All Progressives Congress [APC] in Kogi State, going into this election remains that of unity and peaceful coexistence amongst the people of the state. The strange divisive agenda being propagated by ethnic jingoist under the umbrella of Peoples Democratic Party [PDP], is undemocratic and should be rejected through the ballots this Saturday at the polls.

The demystification of Igala agenda

For over 16 years of our democratic journey, the Igala ethnic stock have held sway at the helms of affair in the state, with either Ebira or Okun serving as lieutenants in those years. So when providence produced His Excellency, Gov. Yahaya Bello in 2015, the table turned in favour of the Ebira ethnic group.

It is the prerogative of the ruling party, and the state Governor to nominate a running mate. At such point, an Igala man was picked by Gov. Bello to work with him to pilot affairs of the state.

Expectedly, governance was to go into full swing but infiltration occurred in the administration of Gov. Bello by some ethnic drummers, chaperoned by former Deputy Governor, Mr Simon Achuba, who was recently impeached by the Assembly.

Elective officials should be called out on the basis of their performances and not on the basis of where they come from. It is barbaric to do so. The so-called Igala agenda is self-serving mundane.

However, it is morally wrong to even think that only the Igalas can administer a state made up of over three ethnic groups. Those playing ethnic jingles are undemocratic elements in the state and should be stopped at all costs. The polls which open this weekend offer such opportunity.

PDP; the abandoned ship

Leaders of main opposition party in the state, the PDP, have deserted the party after realising that it has been hijacked by strange fellows, political novices and opportunists who have no understanding/grasp of participatory democracy.

No wonder former governor Ibrahim Idris, alongside former Speaker, Hon Clerence Olafemi, withdrew their supports for the party in the state. Words are that Idris left the country immediately after the ill-fated PDP primary that cheated his son, Abubakar Idris, and all entreaties made to pacify him at the highest party hierarchy proved abortive.

The scavengers in PDP are only positioning themselves to return to power to continue their legacies of bad governance. If the party leadership are suspicious of such strange fellows, why should you elect them into position of trust?

Kogi first; Kogi for all

What if at the time His Excellency, Gov. Yahaya Bello was inaugurated in 2015, he nominated an Okun man or woman to deputise him? Heaven will not fall and nothing will happen, but in the spirit of Kogi for all he did not do so, rather, he brought everyone on board to administer a state that works for all regardless.

His choice of the then Chief of Staff, Hon. Edward Onoja (CIK), underscored a unifying purpose. He further renewed that purpose and confidence by nominating him [Onoja] as his running mate, then later as Deputy Governor following the removal of Mr Simon Achuba as Deputy Governor of the state.

As Kogi decides between political scavengers and political progressives this Saturday, let it be noted that the state government has been advised to ensure the safety of everyone. Political troublemakers must be reminded that, though this is an election, the governor swore on oaths to protect all but will not spare anyone attempting to discredit the credibility of the polls.

The unity and existence of the state are sacrosanct.

Voters are therefore urged to go out and exercise their franchise without let or hindrance.

Shehu Audu
Media Writer on Governance and Development.

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