Port Harcourt serial killer attributes killings to unknown force

Serial killer, Gracious David West

Serial killer, Gracious David West, who was arrested on Thursday by personnel of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, said he killed young ladies whenever an unknown force which he cannot control comes over him. 

Narrating how he killed seven victims in Lagos, Imo and Rivers states, he said he threatened them with kitchen knife after which he would tie their hands and legs and strangle them.

He said “While a victim is sleeping, I will put the kitchen knife on her neck and ask her not to shout. I would threaten to kill her if she shouts. So out of fear, she would not shout and I would tell her that I would not kill her if she cooperates.

“I would tear the pillowcase and tie their hands and legs and strangle them. While this was going on, some of them would tell me that they had money in their accounts.

“After confirming how much they had in their accounts, I would collect the pin numbers and at daybreak when I must have killed them, I would go to ATM and collect the money in the account.”

Recounting his actions on Friday when he was paraded by the police, he explained that he usually threaten his victims when they are asleep after having sex with them, adding that the first girl he killed was in Lagos and he withdrew N52,000 from her account.

“I have killed five girls in Port Harcourt, one in Owerri and one in Lagos. I started the killing in Lagos; that was where I got N52,000. After that, I went to Port Harcourt, then to Owerri. I returned to Port Harcourt and the last woman I met was at a club.”

West went further to disclose that he always collect and sold his victims phones at the Waterlines area in Port Harcourt, to deny police the opportunity to get in touch with their relatives.

In an attempt to seek spiritual help he said, “After realising my sins, I sought spiritual intervention in a church. I told the pastor that I have been killing girls in hotels and the pastor said that they had a crusade programme and invited me to see the senior pastor but I waited and couldn’t see him.

“So, I left the church and went back and checked into a hotel. Seriously, I don’t know what makes me to kill; whenever it comes on me, that is when I kill, later I regret and feel sober but after a while, I would go and kill again.”

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