President Buhari solicits for monarch’s support in addressing Youths’ demands

President has emphasized the need for to support his administration’s determination to address the demands of the youths in the country.

The president made the call at a meeting with a delegation of the National Council of of Nigeria led by the of , Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, at the State House, .

President Buhari told the royal fathers that “we have heard the loud cries of our youth and children, and we are attending to their concerns.

In his words: “To succeed in all of this, we would require your support and voice to help amplify the message.

“Your proximity to the people places you in a unique position to communicate and ensure that our response is targeted and impactful.”

While describing their “role as guardians of our traditional values and culture” as most critical, the president urged them not to compromise their neutrality “because this is what significantly confers on you, your moral authority and legitimacy.”

He revealed that his Chief of Staff, Prof. , would lead senior government officials to various parts of the country “and directly engage with you as part of this process. He will be reporting back to me on your various perspectives.

“I want to once again thank you for the role you all have played to calm down our youth with wisdom and authority. By instilling hope and keeping the peace, you have rendered the country great service.”

While warning that “we cannot allow anybody or group to threaten the peace or sabotage these efforts,” Buhari restated that “strong, transparent efforts are underway to address those rogue elements of the Force.

“Simultaneously, the Force will also undergo much needed reform that covers welfare, working conditions, and code of conduct. That will usher in a more professional workforce.

The president acknowledged the primary and important role of the monarchs in helping maintain peace and in the country, and expressed delight at their visit “given all that has happened recently in our country.”

While receiving the recommendations of the , he promised to study them and take appropriate action.

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