Publisher’s Note: “None Is Righteous; Not Even One!” Integrity Is Relative

Welcome to 2019. You are privileged to be reading this note because not many were this luck. This year is an election year for Nigerians and a year to look forward to for so many things. Year 2019 will mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.
To some, it will be a year to remember for good. While to others it will be a year to forget in a hurry because God is going to surprise many – the unexpected will happen that will show up God as the Almighty; the all-knowing and the all-powerful.

2018 was a great year for us at PowerHouse Publishing Limited, publishers of PowerSteering News Magazine. We released many groundbreaking investigative reports and couldn’t have done so without you our readers.

It was indeed a trying period that effectively tested our faith and our ability to stand firm in a time of trials. PowerSteering could not hit the newsstand in three out of twelve months of the year because of the economic crunches that rendered many Nigerians helpless in the hands of ineptitude leaders. Leaders who never thought of others but themselves alone. Leaders without vision and foresight. But thank God we overcame and we are alive and back on the street today.
We reopen our monthly publication with a lot of issues at hand starting with El-Rufa’I, the consequences of his actions in the governance of Kaduna State. Plus how he awarded 282 contracts to his wife and cronies his cronies.
We also asked why President Buhari has not been able to probe El-Rufa’I and his involvement in the $252m sales of NITEL land scam.

Muhammadu Buhari, the president and Commander-In-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is referred to by his Hausa speaking followers as “MAI GASKIYA” meaning man of integrity (or truth). Howbeit, we seek to define the word “Integrity” and in the process, going down memory lane, found out – How Buhari mismanaged PTF: yet claimed to be a man of Integrity; claimed to have ended Boko Haram insurgency, yet death toll keep raising daily from the Northeast and Northwest unhindered.
While looking forward to the two Northern Albatross in the forthcoming general elections, we urge all voters to be wise with their PVCs.

These and many more we bring your way in February, 2019 and hoping to do better than we did last year.
We started this year on a sad note with the death of one of our colleagues, the publisher of Gong Online Magazine, Mr. Olajida Fashikun. We join our colleagues all over the world to mourn his death and the death of other good hearted journalists who have lost their lives in the cause of doing their legitimate duties. FIGHT-ON JIDE, FIGHT-ON.
We look forward to bringing you more independent investigative journalism in 2019 – our 15th anniversary year!
Don’t miss out on what we have planned next.

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