Qatar unveils 2022 FIFA World Cup logo

Qatar fifa cup emblem
Credits: sports24

Qatar has unveiled the 2022 FIFA World Cup logo which will be hosted by the Gulf emirate, as it was displayed in public spaces in Doha and cities around the world on Tuesday.

The design resembles the symbolic representation of the famous trophy awarded to the winner of the competition, sitting above the words “FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022”. 

It also echoes the number eight, referring to the eight stadia that will host the 2022 tournament.

Qatar launched the logo through a new tool, which is the first of its kind in the history of the World Cup, through a global digital campaign in which the logo is simultaneously announced in various regions of the world.

In mid-2019, Qatar has revealed that it has completed more than 75% of the preparations for the World Cup.

Qatar aspires to complete work on all stadiums before the end of 2020, two years before the start of the championship.

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