Rape Allegation: Fatoyinbo reacts to former spiritual mentors’ interview

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Photo: The Will

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) has reacted to the interview granted by his former spiritual father, Reverend Emmanuel Oset and close associate, Pastor Busola Olotu concerning the rape allegation leveled against him by celebrity photographer, Busola Dakolo.

Fatoyinbo took to his Instagram page to state that people should not be bothered if those who were a huge blessings turn against them out of ingratitude, envy and Jealousy.

He wrote: Do not be bothered if those who you have been a huge blessing to turn against you because of ingratitude, envy and Jealousy. Don’t even think about it for a second, don’t let who they are change who you are! #PB #Biodunfatoyinbo #cozaglobal 

Speaking with Adesuwa Onyenokwe on Arise TV, Olotu said. “I have known Fatoyinbo and his wife for many years and I was like a spiritual mentor to him while he was in Ilorin.

“In 2011, Funmi Ayeni, my spiritual daughter told me that her younger sister, Busola, was raped by Fatoyinbo. I was shocked because I could not reconcile the allegations to the person I knew. But when I spoke to Busola on phone, I could feel her pain and trauma and I knew she was speaking the truth.

“Sometime after that, I had a dream and I saw Fatoyinbo in that dream in bed with a woman who was not his wife and I confronted him in the dream and he told me that God’s grace was protecting him. “After that, I went to meet his father in the Lord, Rev Oset and told him about my dream and he said did it mean that Biodun hadn’t stopped what he was doing? It was then I knew that he had done similar things in the past.”

In the same interview, Oset said “I had been Fatonyibo’s spiritual mentor for years and have had to wade in when similar allegations were made against him. I investigated and the evidence against him was overwhelming but at the end, he promised that he would change.

“I had to cut off from him after a member of his church accused him in 2013 of having an extra marital affair. When that incident happened, I called him and told him that I wanted us to talk, but he kept avoiding me for many months. 

From August 2013 to April 2014, I kept putting pressure on him to come so we could discuss the issue but he avoided me. So I had to write him a letter telling him that I was no longer interested in being his mentor.” 

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