Reno to Buhari: Arrest poverty and you will arrest crime

Buhari and Reno-Omokri Photo Credit: Naija News

Former presidential aide and social critic, Reno Omokri has rubbished the way and manner President Muhammadu Buhari is fighting crime in the country.

The pastor of the Mind of Christ Christian Center took to his Facebook page to bear his mind on security issue in the country. He advised President Muhammadu Buhari to fix the economy, education, minimum wage and crime will fix itself.

The author said the best way to fight crime is by arresting poverty because poverty is the root of most crime. He also questioned the new EFCC’s 24 billion naira office building when such amount have not been spent to improve infrastructures in federal universities.

His post reads: POVERTY is the root of most CRIME. That is why there are more CRIMES in POOR neighbourhoods than in RICH ones. General Buhari is fighting crime by arresting people. There is a better way. Arrest POVERTY and you will arrest CRIME. How can you spend ₦24 billion on an office for the EFCC when you have not spent such on federal universities? Fix the economy! Fix education. Fix the minimum wage and pay it. Do all of these and crime will fix itself.

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