Reps criticize Senator’s violence on a Sales girl at Abuja

The battery of a Sales girl in a store has been criticised by the House of Representatives. The Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage has spread all over the internet which has led to the investigation of the incidence by the Senate and Nigeria Police Force (NPF).
Following a point of order raised by Beni Lar (PDP, Plateau), who beseeched the House to criticize the act of the federal legislator from Adamawa Sate for bringing the legislature into reproach with his reprehensible behaviour at the adult store.

In his speech, Speaker Gbajabiamila, while criticizing the act made known his belief that the Senate must have struggled into the issue and should therefore be permitted to deal with it appropriately.
The incidence has been criticised in strong terms; I don’t think any person in his right mind should criticize that behaviour. I believe we should let the Senate to deal with it in the most reasonable way,” he revealed.

Gbajabiamila revealed earlier that the security system of the National Assembly would be re-examined considering the weakness identified with the present arrangements.
Following a point of order from (APC, Kaduna), who lamented of the negligence of security scheme within the complex, Gbajabiamila said the Nigerian National Assembly is the most porous in the world.

Proper steps have to be taken to handle this because it is not only the chamber that should be taken as hallowed chambers, the building as well must also be taken as hallowed.
“We have to be precise about times when visitors can come in,” he stated.
Four out of five lawmakers from Kano, Taraba, Kaduna and Edo were earlier sworn in by the Clerk of the House.

The members are Peter Akpatason (APC, Edo), Yaya Ibrahim (APC, Kaduna), Kasimu Maigari (Taraba) and Nasir Gabasawa (ACC, Kano).

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