Senate President inaugurates standing committees

Senate president
Senate President, Ahmad Lawan

Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, on Wednesday, inaugurated the standing committees of the upper chamber.

Lawan urged the relevant standing committees to use the instrument of legislation to address the nation’s challenges such as insecurity, unemployment, reforms in the petroleum and agricultural sectors of the economy

“Our country is facing the challenges of insecurity, while our largely youthful population is affected by unemployment, among other problems. Fortunately, we are also blessed with abundant agricultural land.

“We are similarly endowed with abundant solid minerals in all parts of our country. The oil and gas resources have remained our major source of revenue. Our challenges can be appropriately addressed with our rich endowments. What we require therefore is the strategic deployment of those resources.

“We can plan and use our agricultural potentials to achieve not only national food security but also process for exports. Again, our solid minerals sector is largely untapped and we can exploit those resources through the right policies and supportive legislations,” he said.

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