Siasia’s mother narrates ordeal in the hands of kidnappers

Samson Siasia's mum, Beauty Ugere Siasia

Beauty Uguoere Siasia, mother of former Super Eagles coach, Samson Siasia has narrated her ordeal for 77 days in the hands of her abductors.

The 80-year-old woman who was released on Sunday, September 29, cried out saying “I don’t know why they keep kidnapping me. Only God knows.”

She lamented how the kidnappers kept disturbing her, insisting her son is a millionaire.

“They keep worrying me because they said my son, Siasia is rich and a millionaire”.

In narrating her ordeal in the kidnappers den for 77 days, she said “I was at my house when they came to kidnap me. They took me to the place. They took care of me.

“I was sick and they bought the drugs. They cooked and gave to me.

“They didn’t beat me. There were days that there was no food. Those days they drank garri and gave me garri to drink too.

“Sometimes, they cooked soup, prepare garri and we ate.

“But on Sunday, they told me we had stayed for too long and they were tired of our problem.

“They carried us on a flying boat and dropped us in a village. I dont know the name of the village.

“The carried us to their chairman place. I don’t even know the man. They called Seifa and Seifa came.

“As I am talking to you, I am not well. Before they took me I was not well. I want to go to the hospital.

“They built small house and use tarpaulin to cover the top. That was where they kept us”.

Recall that she was first abducted in November 2015 by a gang of gunmen and later released after 12 days before the July 2019 abduction.

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