Situation Room calls for cancellation of Kogi elections

Vote buying, violence, intimidation of journalists rife in kogi election

The Nigerian Civil Society Situation Room has called for the total cancellation of election held on Saturday in Kogi state due to high levels of violence and collusion.

In a statement signed by Clement Nwankwo, convener of the situation room, He noted that Kogi election was undermined by vote-buying and violence perpetuated by the two major political parties.

The statement also stated that Kogi election represents a major dent to Nigeria’s democracy.

The Observing body also called for an implementation of Electoral Offences Commission law in order to combat all issues related to electoral abuse

The Governorship election was held across the state and the senatorial rerun election was held in Kogi West district.

The Situation Room is one of the accredited observers for the election.

(Image Credit: icirnigeria)

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