South-East Governors won’t apologise to IPOB – Umahi

Dave Umahi, Ebonyi State Governor

Chairman of the Southeast Governors’ Forum (SGF) Dave Umahi has said that governors in the region have no apology to tender to the proscribed Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB).

The Ebonyi State governor disclosed this while speaking with reporters at the State House in Abuja after meeting with President Muhamadu Buhari.

In reacting to IPOB’s demand for an open apology from the governors , Umahi said Southeast governors didn’t proscribed IPOB, because they don’t powers to proscribe IPOB.

Umahi did admit proscribe the activities of IPOB at the time for the unity of the country to save the lives of the northern people living in the Southeast and to save the lives of South people living in the north.

“There is misinformation because they said we should tender apology for proscribing IPOB we did not proscribed IPOB because we did not have the powers. But it was within our powers to say you have to stop the activities because you are trying to endanger the visitors to south east and endanger our people in the north.

“We had to do that and we don’t have apologies to offer for doing that and we also refuse to discuss the merits and demerits of our actions on the pages of newspapers. As leaders like I said you have to be economical with the way you speak so that you will continue to preserve the unity of this country” Umahi said.

“Don’t forget that Southeast has over 12 million people living in the North and we do not need to talk to make IPOB happy to suite their demands just because we want to make them happy.

“We need to do things as leaders of this country that we safeguard our the North, safeguard the North people that are in South East and then do everything as leaders to ensure that there is peace and unity among us.

“IPOB said their anger was that we proscribed IPOB, we didn’t have the powers to proscribe IPOB but we have the power to Proscribe the activities of IPOB at the time we did to put the country into one to save the lives of the northern people living in the Southeast and to save the lives of South people living in the north.

“When the lives of our people are safe, we are very happy. So, their threats and condemnation are the price we need to pay as leaders. The important thing is that we are here to represent our people and our conscience bear us witness that we are doing is what will bring peace to our nation and not what will integrate it.

“Don’t forget that we are governors of Southeast and if we begin to talk like the youths, people will be very happy with us, especially our people, but the issue is will it guarantee peace of the nation, will it guarantee the safety of our people?”

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