Turkish President serve as best man for German Soccer Star

Mezut Ozil and Pres. Erdogan

German soccer star, Mezut Ozil was joined in holy matrimony with his beautiful wife former Miss Turkey Amine Gülşe in Istanbul.

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan served as a witness and the best man during the event.

Ozil who is of a turkish ancestry but born in germany said that in March he asked Mr Erdogan to be his best man. His decision was criticized highly in Germany as “irresponsible” and “disappointing”.

The groom resigned from the national team as a result of a pose he had with the president during the last year election in turkey which caused strong controversy in his country.

The footballer was publicly reprimanded by the German Football Association (DFB) for the photo.

“The DFB, of course, respects the special situation for our players with migrant backgrounds, but football and the DFB stands for values that Mr Erdogan does not sufficiently respect,” then German football federation president Reinhard Grindel said in a statement in May 2018.

“Therefore, it is not a good thing that our internationals have let themselves be exploited for his election campaign stunt. It certainly hasn’t helped the DFB’s integration efforts.”

In response after the World Cup, Ozil stated that Grindel had mistreated him over the controversy. And through his twitter handle, he said people criticize and abuse him because of his family ancestry.

The president appearance at the wedding comes ahead of an election re-run in Istanbul. It was called after Erdogan’s party lost the mayorship of Turkey’s biggest city in a shock win for the opposition in April. The decision to hold the poll again sparked international criticism.

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