US embassy: Reciprocity fee still holds

US Embassy Abuja
US Embassy Abuja

The United States Embassy, on Friday, has said that it will continue to the collect visa reciprocity fee from Nigerians that are granted visa.

The Embassy made this known in a statement through its Public Affairs Department on Friday in Abuja. 

Just days after the Nigeria government responded with a reduction of price for Americans seeking Nigeria visas.

The U.S Embassy stated that it “looks forward to receiving official diplomatic communication regarding a new fee schedule for Americans seeking Nigerian Visas.”

Adding that the price remains same until they receive the confirmation.

“Until such time, and confirmation of implementation, the reciprocity fees for approved visas to the United States will remain in place.”

Meanwhile the Nigeria government has already implemented the change. Shakapost reported how Interior Minister, Rauf Aregbesola on Aug. 28 announced the FG’s approval on the reduction of visa fees for American seeking Nigerian visas.

This was implemented on Thursday 29 of August about the same the day the US implemented its new visa fees – reciprocity fee.

But changes are still to be seen.

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